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STREAMAX TV is a cutting edge hardware and software company with deep and extensive roots in the consumer electronics and software engineering fields.  We have a long history of bringing innovative products to consumers both domestically and abroad.

Our STREAMAX TV system has integrated the best available hardware technology with our unique and proprietary “MaxApp” software application.   This system scours the internet for media content and streams your choices to you.  The simple menu based directories allow FREE access all media content imaginable.

Imagine, for a small one-time investment, you can get sports events, movies, TV episodes, documentaries, kid’s programming, mature content, local, national, and international news – ALL FREE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

The major difference between the STREAMAX box and all others is that our MaxApp ensures that the box is always up to date and relevant.  The MaxApp updates your box, thereby keeping your it healthier, faster, and more relevant than anything else on the market.  The MaxApp also performs low-level system updates which insures that your box is always running on optimal performance.

Another major feature of the STREAMAX system is it’s ability to easily personalize “profiles.”  This means that by just checking the appropriate choice on a menu, your box will display in whatever language you choose.  (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, etc.)  The capability to directly access and stream content in native language from those media markets along with the ability to easily configure “Mature” and “Kid friendly” profiles is unsurpassed by other systems.

STREAMAX TV is currently the best system on the market and is growing rapidly.  STREAMAX also offers an “affiliate” program so that anyone who wishes to, can participate in this growth and thereby develop for themselves a reliable, lucrative income stream.

STREAMAX is extremely responsive to its customers needs and provides timely and excellent technical and customer support for units it has sold.   Please be aware that units bought from third parties or sites like Amazon or Ebay may not enjoy full support directly from STREAMAX..

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Why StreamaxTV ?

HD Quality Content
Easy Installation
Wireless Connectivity
Unlimited Bandwidth
1000+ Channels - No Fees - No Subscription
Access to Thousands of Movies On-Demand
Access to your favorite TV Series On-Demand
Stream LIVE TV Stations from around the globe

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